Christmas Reflections

I’m sitting in my office, having just finished our family Christmas Eve service.  It is always a great time to share in laughter and song and some different ways to share the Christmas story. Tonight I was supposed to do a brand new magic trick. I got caught up in the fun of messing with the kids I had brought up on stage that I messed up the trick. I was going crazy in my mind, how to I make this work? How do I recover and not let the kids down?

I was sweating bullets as my mind raced, I did thankful recover, (well sort of) I moved on with the program and when it was all done retreated to my office.  My heart was heavy as I was so excited to do this trick for everyone.

I looked out to see it snowing and felt a wave of relief come over me. That is what Christmas is all about, When I mess up, Jesus come and make everything new. The world has been filled with all sorts of evil and darkness as of late, and yet, with the new fallen snow things seem new and clean again.

I am so grateful that God restores, refreshes, and renews us day by day. I pray that as 2013 comes, my life reflects the work Christ is doing in me. When I fail Him, I ‘m grateful that like the snow, he makes all things new again.

Merry CHRISTmas!

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