REVIEW: Rock-Solid Children’s Ministry-Larry Fowler

I just finished Larry’s newest book in his “Rock-Solid” series and after reading all three, this is his best work yet!  ( I do hope he has more for us!)

Larry covers seven Biblical principles that will help both the rookie and veteran kids worker.  What I really love about Larry is his passion for both the Word of God and for people. It comes through so clearly. Each of his principles are bathed in Scripture and with wisdom of someone who experienced many things in the world of children’s ministry.

Let me share just a couple of highlights from the book but I’m not going to give you much as I really want  you to pick this up and read if for yourself and then come back here and dialogue with me, as I really want to talk with kidmin people about this one!

First Thought, we all talk about wanting life change in our ministry to children and very few of us have found a way to make this happen and to keep it going beyond the kids ministry. Larry offers up a powerful questions and comments that had me putting the book down and spending some time in prayer and serious evaluation.

“Whether or not the children apply the lesson one week or not is not as critical as a longer vision.”…”What do you want to be able to say about your children when they are 30?”… “molding the heart toward a more permanent outcome is what we must keep in focus.”  (pg.112)

I started asking myself, just how good of a job are we doing in this area? I think I discovered a soft spot that I like most, need to address in a more laser like focused way.

A second area, that really hit home in my heart was his chapter on Excellence.  His story of a children’s ministry in Cuba, had me in tears and feeling a bit ashamed that I was just complaining about  our lack of an AWANA circle for games. (When you read it you’ll understand too) But it was his questions about excellence that were so powerful in making me think about what truly is “Excellent?”  Was I even close?  Well, I’m not going to fully confess here but, I do see some areas that we can work harder on.  He also challenges the reader to consider their “calling” which is also a very clarifying chapter for me to read and to think through  as I’m in a time of life where I’m looking and evaluating my calling to ministry and to see where God is “calling” me.

This book is a great read and I’d love to hear what you enjoyed about it.  There is so much great material, I’d encourage you that if your a leader, to get several copies for your team and walk through this together!

How Rock Solid is  your Ministry? Is it built on your reputation, programs, facilities or the real ROCK?

What are your thoughts about the book?


I welcome your comments and feedback!

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