Lone Ranger? You don’t have to be!

Are you a Lone Ranger type? You know, the I can do it all, don’t delegate, no one does it better than me type?  OK, that might have been extreme but I know you get the idea.  Often times in children’s ministry, we as leaders tend to grab on to way to many things.  I am guilty of that!

Early on in my ministry, I was a grabber, a bit of a Lone Ranger.  I took hold of the leadership of many areas and let go of few. I often rationalized, when I get qualified, trained leaders, then I will let go and delegate some of the responsibilities I have.  It works, but only until you, the leader who has it all, burns out or your volunteers quit because they  have nothing to do.

After my burning out phase,  I came to see that I needed to invest in just a few leaders so they could help me minister to more. So I picked 3-4 people that I could personally train to do some of the things I’ve been doing. This principle became so clear as I began to look at how Jesus led the disciples.  Yes, he took twelve but then he reduced that number to 3.  He released them all to go into the world with his power flowing through them.

When I realized that he trained and released, I knew what I needed to do.  I  released those things to them and gave them full permission to make them their own. When you release, it is amazing how good it feels! It’s amazing  how good it makes your team feel too!

Instead of being a Lone Ranger, find some “side-kicks” (not that is not a put down) find some people you can invest in like Jesus did with his three disciples. He poured into them and they went on to impact a huge amount of people!


Are you a Lone Ranger Leader?  What can you let go of?   What advice would you share with leaders who fall into this category? Please share with me!

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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