THE ACTION BIBLE- Resource Review

The Action Bible is more than just the exciting stories of the past. Here and now, today, it inspires us to be God’s next generation of difference- makers. The heroes of the Bible were flawed and chosen; you and I are flawed and chosen. The action you read about in these 750 pages is nothing compared to the action that will occur when you put this book down.”

And so begins the Action Bible!  This great resource from David C.Cook is a wonderful color filled adventure through God’s word.

I have been given this opportunity to review with you not only the Action Bible but also it’s companion resources, The Action Handbook, The Action Bible Devotional, and The Action Bible New Testament.

All of these are wonderful resources that would resonate with any child who loves the look and style of comic books.  I was very impressed with each resource as they work hard to make the pages accurate and dynamic to the Scriptures themselves.

The Action Bible- What I see as a strength is the fact that throughout the pages you will find listed the passages of Scripture upon which the section is based. The artists renditions of the passage are colorful and engaging and I’m sure most kids will be swept away by them. I remember as a kid getting the “Christian” comic books and reading them so often that I wore the covers off. I’m sure I would have done the same with this resource.

The Action Bible Handbook- This is a wonderful companion guide to the Action Bible and provides a wonderful dictionary of people, places and things in the Bible.

The Action Bible New Testament – Presents God’s redemptive story in such a beautiful and colorful way. This simple and small book would give a child their first taste of the comic style genre and give them some wonderful pictures of the Bible stories. The stories of the New Testament are carefully chosen and illustrated to communicate the message of the gospel.

The Action Bible Devotional – I think this was my favorite of the resources that came to review. What I love about this resource is the way the have given 52 devotionals that would engage the heart and mind of a child. The format is easy to follow and would be fun to do as the reader is challenged to consider several things. Each devotional section begins with a key verse which leads the reader to X-Ray Vision. This section lays out some explanation for the reader to consider. The next part begins to move the reader forward towards understanding, by laying out a “mission” for them to investigate and think participate in. This is where I see great growth potential for a reader.  Following a time to experience and live God’s word, the Debrief happens with some thoughtful reflection questions to bring the knowledge from the head to the heart. There is a section that allows the reader to write out what they learned in “mission accomplished.”  Then the reader is moved to take what they have learned and share it with others.

All in all, I have come to love the Action Bible resources! I highly recommend them to Parents and Children’s ministry people alike!

I am excited to give away an Action Bible FREE!!  Would you like a copy for yourself? To enter this giveaway just leave a comment here by March 29! If you are selected as the winner we will contact  you and get your mailing address so a copy can be sent to you directly!




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5 thoughts on “THE ACTION BIBLE- Resource Review”

  1. The Action Bible is a great resource. I gave some to parents of a couple sixth graders to give as Christmas presents this past year. The kids wanted them and it is a great way to keep them interested in the Bible.

    I’ll have to check out the devotional.

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