Book Review- 10 Tips for LIKING the Bible!

10 Tips Final Cover

Keith Ferrin has done a masterful job of giving any follower of Christ 10 great reasons for not just LIKING the Bible but falling in LOVE with the Bible! I have been a Christian since the age of 6 and for me I, (true confession coming) I have read the Bible because I knew that is what a Christian should do.  Now it’s not a bad thing but I have discovered like, Ferrin has, that just reading int because you have to is an attitude that leads to the Bible just becoming another book.

The Word is supposed to be living, powerful, sharper than any two edged sword! It’s supposed to transform us, move us, condemn us, and restore us. I have so excited to have come across this book as it has inspired me to approach the Word in such a different way.  I believe that Keith’s simple, and yet direct approach to is something that will revive a followers devotional life.  Just apply any one of his 10 tips and I believe you will see a difference.

For parents, kids workers, This will prove to be a valuable tool. It has so many useful principles that anyone can benefit from this book. There are some things that will take only a few minutes there are some things that will require more dedication and time.  For some, this may be a struggle as we tend to make excuses of why we “don’t have time”  to read God’s Word.

I challenge you to make the time to read this book and apply it’s principles.  We all make time for the things we love, why not fall in love with the Word again! I have started making time to exercise more as well as making time to really enjoy my reading time in the Word.

I can confidently say, if you would apply a few of these your spiritual health will increase as the richness of Gods word minsters to your heart and life.

Check out Keith’s Website  For many more ideas and tips.

You can purchase the book right here by clicking this link: 10 Tips for Liking the Bible: (Because Believing It’s True Is Not Enough)

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