Help! I’m a Small Church Kids Worker!

I’m going to be sharing a series of these posts on some thoughts that I’ve been having recently about when I first started in Children’s Ministry.

There were not many resources, conferences, websites, etc.  You basically had to create your own way, and it was not easy but the rewards were so great!

This first post is about “What I wished someone had told me, when I was starting out.”

* Don’t do ministry alone!

Now yes, I know many others have said this before, some with books, and at conferences but as I listened to those people I noticed that they were all serving in huge churches with multiple staff members already. (So, to me that’s an easy thing to say.) What about that worker who serves in a small church? (200 or less) I would often ask, “who do I delegate to, when I have no team to begin with?”  It seemed that a lot of the advice just didn’t relate to my situation. So what is my advice to make this happen?

My suggestion is begin a prospect list. Sit with your Pastor and look at your congregation. Who seems to show interest in kids? Who has a balanced personality? Who is flexible? Who is willing to serve without praise or pats on the back?  Write those names down and begin to pray over them. Ask God to open their heart to the opportunity you will present to them.

As you prepare to go meet with them in person, have your ducks in a row! Know why you need them and what specifically you want them to do. Practice presenting your vision and team goals so that you know what you will say when the time arrives. Have a brochure or a simple document with the job description, expectations, etc. for them to look over and pray through.

When you meet with them, share your heart for the ministry and the why? behind what you do.  Then share the positive things you see in them and how you believe they will make a huge impact on the ministry if they will join you. Don’t make apologies for their business and don’t diminish the commitment it will take to join the team. You need to have some boldness and give them the truth so that they can make a decision of the head and of the heart.

Next, give them some time to pray and consider what you are asking them to do. Maybe even have them come and visit the ministry you would like them to serve in. Set a date for a decision and pray over it.  When that date comes meet in person ( I’ve found it is too easy for someone to say no over the phone or by email. You want them to look you in the eye.  So go expecting God to lead them and if they do say know, I wouldn’t just stop. I’d find out why.  Is it the timing? the position? the time commitment? What specifically do they feel is not a fit?  Let them share with you and you may just find that they would fit into something even better than you imagined.

I believe if you will try this simple tip you will see people joining your team and finding out that it’s an awesome part of the kingdom to serve!

What have you found that works in bringing others into the ministry? What do you struggle with the most serving in children’s ministry?


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I welcome your comments and feedback!

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