Help! I’m a Small Church Kids Worker! Part 2

Many who may read this are workers with children and are doing so either as a volunteer or as a part-time leader.  I have great admiration for those kind of people as they are the majority doing great things for the kingdom. I have fortunately always served as a paid staff member but most of my time has been spent in churches of 500 and below.  As a teen many of the churches my father served as Pastor, were small size. (250 or less)  So, I dedicate these series of posts to you!

A second thing I wished someone had shared with me starting out is to begin with the end in mind.

A great question for a leader or team of leaders is to envision what they desire the children they are working with to “look like” when they are older. I’m not talking physical attributes, but spiritual attributes. What characteristics do you want them to have? How do you help parents get this vision? What can be practically done to encourage that kind of focused growth?  (All great questions!)

I would suggest start making a list of these characteristics- and how they are lived out daily? Keep the list simple, and you may discover that some things you put up on the list can be grouped together in one heading. Then go ahead and group them!  The idea is to get a picture, a target.   It has been said that “if you aim at nothing, you’ll always hit it!”

Once you  have your target, how can you intentionally help the parents guide their children towards the goal? Develop a few simple ideas and resources that you can provide. Consider some training or small group sessions to help your parents understand how they should set some eternal goals for their children.  Give them some solid resources to help them understand the spiritual journey their children are on.  I highly recommend :The Legacy Path: Discover Intentional Spiritual Parenting   This is just one of many resources that are out there. Brian Haynes, is one Pastor who gets the importance of parents and children’s workers partnering together to raise godly children. This book is for parents, He also has a book that will give you a great picture and path to start moving your children’s ministry in an intentional discipleship path. Shift: What it Takes to Finally Reach Families Today

Once you have your target then you can develop your own strategy for your kids ministry.  You can evaluate everything your doing against this path. You will be able to look at curriculum, programs, activities, outreaches, etc. As you evaluate you can ask does this __________ fit with moving the children towards the goal. If fact a better question to ask is: “how does this move children towards the goal?”

If it doesn’t fit, consider removing it as it prevents you from reaching the target. Don’t let this happen!

So What are you aiming at?  What is your goal/target?  How are you helping parents reach their goals?

Would you share with me some of the resources you have found helpful?  I have a few recommended ones on the left side of this blog you can check out as well.


I welcome your comments and feedback!

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