Why is Children’s Ministry So TAXING?

Ah yes, TAX DAY!! “Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s”   Uggh, I know I don’t enjoy that as I don’t like being taxed. But that my friends is not really what this post is about is it?

I for one have been a person who has found myself “taxed” by serving in children’s ministry. Let’s be honest, most Kidmin are! (You are probably lying to yourself if  you say you aren’t)

I have found several reasons for this feeling:

1) Your working too hard by yourself.

2) Your not organized enough.

3) You don’t have clear goals.

4) You are not taking care of yourself. (physically, emotionally, or spiritually)

Each of these things create a “taxing” atmosphere in your life and ministry. What can you do to prevent these things?

1) Find a partner or partners in ministry.

2) Find some simple ways to organize yourself.  Even if it’s only writing things down on a 3×5 card!

3) Write down 3-5 Goals for this month with a deadline and 1 way to measure success of each goal.

4) Stop and evaluate your physical activity (start walking 30min a day or something) Set aside some time for you (If only 15 min. of quiet time) Find a few minutes to worship and sit before the Lord. ( schedule an appointment in your calendar with Jesus and make it a non-negotiable appointment. Sit and worship at the feet of the Savior)

So don’t get TAXED!  Give with a JOYFUL HEART! Serve the Lord with Gladness!!

How do you avoid the “taxing” of ministry life?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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