The Journey is the Destination!

The trail to Dewey Point


I just returned from the Yosemite Summit for the fourth time!  It was a great time of being able to unplug from everything and to step into God’s creation and just be His child for several days.  I was blessed to be accompanied by 4 other men who serve in ministry from PA, IN, CO, and ID!

We met up in Sacramento to get our provisions and then off to Yosemite National Park. We trusted God for great weather and for times to just meet and listen to him speak to us.  There was no talk of ministry, and for me that part was easy since I currently and not in a full time ministry but searching for God’s placement in a new place.  For me this was a time to get on the trail and walk with God.

I love those times when we realize some of the spiritual truths sitting in nature for us to open our spiritual eyes and see.  Far to often those of us in ministry are too busy doing things for God, that we forget he just wants us be all about him and let the ministry flow from that place.  I know that I’ve been guilty of leading from that place and I don’t like it.

What did I learn this year from the trail? Several things that I’ll add some upcoming posts about, but this first lesson came from some discussion back at the cabin after a full day’s hike and a great late night dinner!  (hey I can say that because I cooked it!) LOL!

Dewey Point looking down into Yosemite Valley

Anyway, we were recapping the day’s hike when one of my YS brothers stated this and it really resonated with me, “Maybe the destination isn’t the objective, maybe the journey IS the destination!”

I’m not sure it makes sense to you but, what he was saying is sometimes we are so focused on getting someplace, achieving some objective that we forget that the real growth comes in getting to that place or reaching that objective.  For us hikers sometimes we walked passed some amazing piece of God’s creation because we were set on getting to a destination that we missed the purpose of the journey.  (To soak in God’s creation!)  Now yes, some of us walk faster than others, and we all have different paces,  That also doesn’t mean we are missing things, but my point of all this rambling, is to say.  How is your journey with Jesus lately?  What have you noticed is different? How are your growing? How’s your quiet time? How’s your Purity level? How’s your spouse? How’s your kids?   (These are the important things God wants us to notice along the trail. )

For me a day of hiking uphill both ways revealed an amazing vista called Dewey Point!  This is nothing, I’m sure compared to the vista’s in Heaven!

How’s your Journey?  Share with me!


I welcome your comments and feedback!

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