Summer of Fun!

This summer God has been opening many doors for me to speak at various camps. From Indiana to New York, I’ve had the privilege of speaking God’s word to many campers. This week I happen to be at Niagara Bible Conference & Camp up in Appleton, New York. The camp is located right on the shore of Lake Ontario. It is an older camp facility but has great charm and history. My friend Tim is the Executive Director and the camp is affiliated with Global Outreach Mission.
We have 50 jr. campers here and I’m excited to see what God is going to do. Summers are so much fun and we get out to enjoy all of God’s creation. The sunrise and Sunsets here are amazing and I love seeing God’s handiwork on display, as it shouts to all who take time to sit and enjoy it “I LOVE YOU!” So thankful for Jer. 31:3 that reminds us of his everlasting love for us. I pray as I speak this week that Gods love will ring true in the hearts of those who don’t know him.
Take time this week to stop and pray for those who are ministering this summer and for them to continue to declare God’s Love!
I’ll share more of my adventures with some pictures later.

Have some summer fun on me today!

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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