KaBoom Ministries taking its first steps

For some time I have sought God’s next ministry for me. I love being a children’s pastor and love serving in the local church. I am still open to that door if God so chooses to open a door to me.  Until that door opens I believe God has led me to begin a ministry to smaller churches (400 and below) For some time I have noticed many smaller churches struggle to grow because they lack the structure, vision, training, and personnel to have a dynamic children’s ministry. For most its a catch 22 as they cannot afford to hire a part/full time pastor to focus on this area and they also lose site of their facilities and programming.

I believe that can change and I want to help change it. That is where KaBoom Ministries comes in. I believe that God has equipped me to serve the body and help these struggling churches build a dynamic and awesome children’s ministry. I am now looking for a place in South Central Pennsylvania that I can partner with to help them begin their journey to growth.

Another ministry KaBoom Ministries will offer is Parent seminars as I partner with the National Center for Biblical Parenting and I’m excited about that as I believe that what NCBP has to offer will really help parents disciple and train their children to live a godly life.  I will be attending their training in September and beginning to offer to churches a fantastic seminar that will serve as a great outreach tool as well. If  you would like to book a seminar please contact me and we’ll talk details!

KaBoom Ministries will also offer  Volunteer training and encouragement, vision casting, strategic planning and much more. We will come along side of your church and customize a program just for you.

Finally KaBoom Ministries will also offer lots of fun for children and families. Both Pastor Tom and PT Kaboom are available for family fun nights, Awana programs, and pretty much anything else. Just contact us and we’ll create a great program for you!

So, we are taking the first small steps and asking God to confirm this dream by having the body of Christ step forward and partner with us.  If you would like to  help this ministry get off the ground we can use your help as we are trusting God for the funds to attend this first training. We are trying to raise $1800 to help cover the expenses of this training. You can donate by clicking this link

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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