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This morning I took a walk, and for me that was not a practice that I do very often. I enjoy hiking, but not walking and definitely not running. But, I’m trying to turn a new leaf, create a new habit and so instead of plopping down in the lazy boy each morning, I’m getting up and walking.  One thing I have noticed right away besides the physical benefits, is the opportunity to be still.  I’m finding that walking with no music, no conversation, has become a time for me to just be still and know.  I found it really interesting that today, i was walking and i came to this sign.  “STILL RD”  I started asking myself, how often have I been still lately? Have I been listening for the still small voice?  Have I been still enough to know he is God?

Being still is important to our physical health, emotional health and most importantly spiritual health.  With all the hustle and bustle of kicking of the fall season of ministry, can I encourage you  to Be Still?    I believe as leaders we must set a sustainable pace of life and ministry that encourages our families to live in a healthy way.  Are  you searching for God’s vision or plan for this fall? sit STILL and let him speak to your heart and soul.  I think by sitting still we can learn so much from the Savior and we in turn will be better leaders.

So as I take my walk again this evening, I’ll walk past Still Rd. and I’ll worship at Jesus feet for a while.

What habits have you created for your self that give you a time of stillness?



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