5 Tips for Dads

Hey Dads,

Lately I’ve been thinking alot about my journey as a father. Some of it has to do with the “new normal” we are experiencing as a family with our oldest son leaving the nest.  I’ve spent the week with him to help him get settled into his new place as well as for me to take some time to spend with just him.  This time has been really special and while we haven’t done a lot of things, we have had some good chats.

I had some time today to reflect and thought of these things I’d like to share my 5 tips for dads! (and mom’s too)

1. Make sure you spend Quality time with each of your children!  I’m not talking about the time it takes to deliver them to a sporting event or dance class, I’m talking about quality time. Time with just you and them. And please, “don’t stop just because they become teenagers!” While it may become more difficult and challenging and sometimes you may just sit there and stare at each other, take that time together.  I know, I need to be more intentional about this.

2.Teach your sons how to be MEN! Show them that real men: cry, pray, make mistakes, cook, clean, hug their wives, can be silly, can be serious, can be sensitive as well as bold and strong!  Teach your sons to be men of integrity, honor, and purity. To value women as God’s children and not as sex objects. Teach them to have a sense of adventure and imagination. Let them fail and figure out how to not fail again. Teach them to study God’s word and to live it out.

3. Teach your sons, how to be future husbands. Show them by example how to love a women the way God intended. To keep yourself pure for her and to value her the way God, values her.

4. Teach your sons how to have fun!

5. Teach your sons, that no matter what, you have their back!  You will always be there so when they one day fly the nest, they will know your always there willing to allow them to come back and rest.

What other tips would you give a young father?



I welcome your comments and feedback!

1 thought on “5 Tips for Dads”

  1. Enjoy your kids for who they are rather than pressuring them to be something that they aren’t. Have standards and keep them based on values and principals, not preferred outcomes.

    Great article Tom!

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