Fatherhood sure isnt’ easy!

Anyone who thinks being a dad is easy is totally fooling themselves.  I’m a dad of 4 between ages 22-16 and life is full of ups and downs and all-arounds!

We experience all sorts of transitions from birth to sending them off on their own to make their way into this world. I remember when my oldest son was born, it was a day my life changed forever. My love for this little boy was amazing and wonderful and now I stand at a place where I must release him to the world as he begins his first real job after college.  Nothing prepares you for this moment! I never realized how hard it is to let them go. My wife and I have always been very close to our children and we love being with them all the time. We made our fair share of mistakes but we also see so many God moments in their life that we cannot stop praising the Father for guiding us.

As parents, our job is to share Jesus with our children and then as they grow we disciple them and live out faith in front of them so that they have some idea of how to live out their own faith. We allow them to fail and learn from those failures and we help them discover how to make boundaries and decisions on their own. Then we release them. That is where I am today. I’m learning a new normal for our family that one of our four strikes out on his own and I must release my earthly custody of him to the Heavenly Father who loves him way more than I could.

As Fathers, I see just how important it is to make sure you spend quality time with your children and to make sure you are unafraid of those deep times of standing vulnerable before the Lord and allowing your children to see those moments too. So that when they are alone, they too will stand strong and pure.

Let me encourage you that if your a dad to prepare yourself, your wife, and your children for that day that will come when you release them to the world to shine for Christ! It is both glorious and painful.


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