Parents Need Training

Parents need help! If you’re a parent, wouldn’t your journey be easier if someone had shown you the way to training your children? If you have had the opportunity to have a parenting mentor, I’m sure  you are already answering YES!

I know that there were many times that I wished my children had come with an operations manual.  God’s word does give us some basic training instructions and many times parents fail to consult the word and instead look to worldly solutions, behavioral modification techniques hoping for change.  I am excited to have recently participated in the presenters training with the National Center for Biblical Parenting. (  Thanks to Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, I am now better prepared to help parents have the advantage that I and many in my generation only wished we had.

I truly believe that parenting is and should be focused on the heart of the child and their relationship with Jesus. It is our number 1 priority as parent’s to help our children discover Christ as their Lord and Savior and to enter that personal relationship. From there we are to help train them up as Luke 2:52 challenges us to help them grow in wisdom and stature. We want them to become mature followers of Christ and hopefully watch them help others into that relationship.

Too many parents put time and resources into, sports, dance, music, etc and very little thinking or strategy into the spiritual development of their children. It’s my wish to help change that.  I dream of helping parents develop a guide map for their children. To help them think through the spiritual goals and milestones that are needed to see their children deepen their faith.

There are many great resources out there and I would highly recommend  NCBP to you as a starting point.  I am available to help you or your church in developing a family ministry plan. ( We offer fantastic seminars and can help you help parents.  Together we can see our children and the next generation grow to love God with their hearts, souls, and minds.

Consider how is your church training parents to be the spiritual champions for their children?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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  1. To add to what parents spend resources on add Video games . How much time does the child spend on games compared too spiritual things

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