Best Regional Kidmin Conference!

Hey Fellow Kidmin Peeps!

I must tell you (and yes full disclosure, I am part of the leadership team) that the ENGAGE Conference in Mechanicsburg, PA is by far the best regional Kidmin conference out there!  How can I say this?  Why do I say this? Because I believe it’s true! November 8&9, 2013

The Engage Conference is located just outside Harrisburg, PA and is an amazing value! at $25 early bird and $35 after early bird rate. You cannot beat the value! What do you get for this? You get over 60 workshops that feature everything from pre-school ministry, special needs, elementary, tweens, and creative teaching too.  These workshops are not taught by people who can only theorize about kids ministry they are front line people.  I’ve been to too many conferences and listened to some “expert” only to find out they don’t do children’s ministry themselves.  The people we have lined up are in the trenches and know children’s ministry.

The Engage Conference also brings in great Keynote speakers who not only challenge but encourage all those in attendance.  This year we have the Kidologist! Karl Bastian!  I know Karl personally, and I know his heart for those who serve week in and week out in children’s ministry .  Everyone who comes will be blessed for sure!

What else distinguishes Engage? The great opportunities to connect with other workers, the lunch that’s included, and all the wonderful resources that are available and the ministries represented in the resource center!  (If your ministry would like to exhibit at Engage, please contact me as we do have space and its FREE to have a table!!!)

All of this is put on by a group of children’s pastors who have worked together to offer something that they don’t find at other conferences and I believe if you come and check it out you’ll see that the Engage Conference is fun, encouraging, resourceful and always worth the time and $$ to attend.

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