“Fall” into the holiday Kidmin Season

As any children’s Pastor knows when the fall season approaches so does the planning overdrive for the holidays. After one survives the fall “kick-off” events you must turn your thinking to all the upcoming holidays.  I thought I’d share a few things I usually do to help keep my self focused both personally and in ministry so that the holiday season doesn’t burn me out.

1. Find some people who can focus on the holidays each year.  If you ask around their might be some folks who love the holidays and happen to be available to help out on a project or two.   I love finding people who love to decorate during this time and turn them loose.

2. Schedule some “fun” time early for you and your team.  I know, I know, your too busy and so is your team.  That is exactly why you should schedule it in early. Get it on the calendar as early as you can so they don’t plan something else.  Keep it light, fun and simple!  It doesn’t have to have a spiritual meaning, It could be just a get together to make some pizza or have a backyard campfire. Just something to connect and care for yourself and others on your team.

3. Schedule some time off! Now I’m really stretching it, I know!  But indulge me for a moment. You need some time off during the holidays as well. Set it up in July for some day’s off to rest and renew yourself.

4. Order or plan early for your appreciation gifts. Don’t wait until Oct/Nov to decide this.  Figure it out early and you won’t stress later.

5. Make sure you practice the words “NO! I cannot do _________. My calendar is full.”   Do it now, go to the mirror and say it OUT LOUD !  You’ll thank me later!


So as you Fall into the Holiday’s I pray its blessed, exciting and most of all fruitful for the Kingdom!!

Come on share with me ( I like gifts) What do you do to keep from going crazy during the holidays?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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