Limited Church:Unlimited Kingdom- Book Review

Full Disclosure: I received this book to review and was asked to give my honest opinion of the book. I did not receive anything else in exchange for this review.


Limited Church:Unlimited Kingdom by Rob Rienow has been one of the most challenging books I have read in a while. Rienow has done a masterful job of challenging the reader to consider their heart and where the Word of God stands in it. This is not a book that you can speed read but one must chew their way through it and consider not only the authors words but the scripture used throughout the book.

Chapter by chapter, Rienow builds his case for the sufficiency of scripture and how it relates the church and the family.  What is most challenging is how he starts off asking the reader if they are willing to stand on scripture alone and what that means.  He challenges the reader with considering three things. Committing to using the word correctly, studying it like the Bereans, and being ready to stand alone.  These are great things to consider and apply when viewing family ministry strategies.

The next chapter deals with Jurisdiction and considering the idea that “more is less.”  After wrestling with these thoughts he moves on to discussing a solidly biblical look at God’s mission for the family. From OT to NT, he lays out a beautiful picture of family ministry.  For most this has become a buzz word or new focus in the church but God has always been concerned about family and even more so the family of God.  God’s plans for the family are clear and solid and when followed great blessings are in store.

Finally Rienow leads the reader to consider the strategies of uniting the church and the home.  One of the most interesting and possibly controversial areas that the author dives in to is the question, “should children be in worship with their parents at church?”  I’m not going to reveal his conclusions you will have to read those for yourself.  I will say he give’s much food for thought and scripture to pray and work through.

I am planning on taking others through this great book and I look forward to hopefully dialogue with Rob Rienow in person someday.  For now, I will close with I HIGHLY recommend this book to all in ministry not just children’s ministry.

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