Orange Tour 2013 Final Session

Here are some of my rough notes from the final session with Reggie during Orange Tour, Lancaster, PA!

This final session was as powerful as the rest!

It's ok to have fun with kids, Just for Fun!

Fun over time = connection

Fun convinces kids you actually like them.

Fun reconnects what has been disconnected

Fun fosters resilience

fun authenticates forgiveness

God rested= he enjoyed his creation. Sunday should be a fun day.


What you do for kids matters! matters more!

What you do every week in a kid's life will matter more than you think it does. “

“do you know why you cannot see spiritual things? be cause they are spiritual.”

* It matters even when you can't see it, or feel it.

When you start imagining the potential of a child's future you will start investing more in them now.


Time over Time

What you do every week in a kids life now will matter more than what you do for them as adults.

There is a brief window of time when what we do in someone's life matter more than any other time.


What you do every week in a kids life …It will keep your church from dying.

It will affect the quality and quantity of volunteers

It will develop the talent pool you need in your church.

It will expand the influence in your community.

* if we want to build a bridge to them we need to find out what they are thinking about, struggling with, dreaming of.

Be an Advocate- be someone who knows cares.


What you do in a child's life will last a lot longer than you do.

You will die sooner than you think, you will be forgotten


Legacy is not about fame and being remembered.

Fame says remember me; Legacy says remember what is really important.

You'll only be remembered by the people who know you now.

A legacy is what you put in them. It's what you have invested in.

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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