Orange Tour- Recruiting Volunteers

This are the rough notes from the Breakout lead by Darren Kizer, (Scranton, PA)

I really enjoyed this breakout as he helped me rethink some of the recruiting and equipping strategies I've had and to consider some new ideas that will help retain more volunteers on my teams.

we need to have vision bigger than our resources-

Keep the vision huge

Lack of resources (people) is not the problem it so often the hurdles we put in the way. (my words: In other words, Don't create so many hurdles for them to jump to get into your ministry. Find logical & many entry points.)

Must Haves:

Excellence- aligns with culture.

Mission-vision- need to be solid, make it worthy of peoples time.

fail to appreciate volunteers, you'll have a problem.

Invite people to volunteer-


Stop recruiting and start retaining- – Is it a recruiting problem or retaining problem. – How do we RETAIN? who we recruit?

* Watch how the volunteers leave. Who needs encouraged, problem solved, resourced? If they leave tired or discouraged, we as leaders have a problem.

( check systems, resources, placement)


4 Leadership commitments-

Volunteers who thrive remain & recruit… They must experience 4 Leadership commitments.

1.Significance- The power to produce a desired result or effect. The ability to bring about positive change for clients– “Do I make a difference?” They want to feel positive about what they have been doing. “Do I forget about time” Am I in rhythm with how God created me?

The Win is hearing- ” I'm making a difference, I love this”


2. Support- To give help or assistance and to provide all that is needed to be successful in the role.

Think about what that person who needs to know… needs to know. Make sure you communicate the support.

The win is hearing : I got what I need.


3. Community- help them feel a part of something bigger. A Family. Experience the feeling of being accepted and valued by other people. To develop meaningful friendships.

* Use huddles, gatherings. People expect to have friends.

The win: I belong here. I have friends here.




4. Empowerment.- Freedom to do what I was asked to do. To give power to an individual so they are free to make a difference. Give them the freedom to do what they were asked to do while working within the culture.


* you need to be REALLY clear about the mission and vision or this can go really bad. What is the Win? What is proper? etc. Be very clear before releasing them to do what they need to do.


The win is hearing” I'm glad i feel trusted and have freedom to give my best.”


Stop recruiting and start retaining.



I welcome your comments and feedback!

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