Orange Tour- Session #2

Presented by Reggie Joiner-

My rough and unedited notes. Reggie was great as usual in his presentation and sharing from his heart about Love over Time and just how important it is. He also covered how important creating community and how powerful it is over time.

Love over Time-


Question; What do you want someone to become?


LOVE is the ONE thing that MATTERS MOST! Theology without love is religion.

What you say will matter to kids when they know they matter to you.


Jesus answered the question: I want someone who loves God., knows Gods love, loves whoever God loves.


God uses time to intersect with humanity to teach us something. God uses time as a platform, to send us the message of Love.


How do you prove to a kid you love them? Over time! It communicates to them: You have value to God.

* by loving them over time you give them a history of people who will show up in their life to reaffirm their worth and significance.


The way you love kids while they're kids can dramatically affect their future.


You may be the best chance a kid has to know they are valuable to God!


Tribes over time- are important too.

We all need community. We all need to be part of something.

God created family & Church! There is no substitute for what they church can do.

The two tribes strategically aligned- family & Church.


If you can answer #1 then you must also answer #2

#2 Where do you want someone to be?


What's the optimal environment where a child can go to become what you want them to become?

If kids can only show up one time, experience one environment, or one activity, every week in your church, Where would you want them to go?


If you believe Tribes over time is important. You make the relationship the filter which everything is viewed.


* a small group culture will change how you do programming.

* If this is the culture you will view it and make sure it moves a child where you want them to go and want them to become.


WE cant compete with what culture produces, but Culture cannot compete with what small group/relationships can produce.


* A small group culture changes:

* how you do programming as a team.

* How you work as a team:

* changes how you recruit..

*It will change how you create environments.

* It changes the way you partner with families.


Tribes over time= belonging

Prodigal son- story- great picture of Tribes/belonging. The Father communicates: your always home, you always have a place.

Older brother- Not my son, Your brother- Connection.



It's harder, not easier to create a small group culture.

It will always be messy.

It will take longer than you think

You will never be done

it will be worth it!

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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