Why Think Orange?

Full disclosure: I am not an “official” Orange week blogger.  I’m just a Kids Pastor who has transitioned my thinking to line up more with the Orange Strategy.

I was very traditional in my thinking when I started out in ministry 25 years ago. I was doing kids ministry when there were not many resources, publishers were limited in their scope and sequence.  Their strategies were just as limited too.  And for most churches, they would pick curriculum  based on what theme they liked without giving much thought to an overall strategy. Most didn’t have any idea how they wanted to train up a child.  Spiritual development strategies was something that was thought about but only on local levels.  We were left to develop things on our own. Then just a few years ago it seems the Orange Strategy really gained some press and momentum.

For me I had searched for a way to explain what I’d been dreaming of to help parents and the church come together in a single focus. To help children come to a personal relationship with Jesus and then develop in to a mature believer who reproduces their faith in others.  For me the Orange Strategy was a great visual. (I like colors and visuals!) It worked for me. To add to it I must also say that the work Brian Haynes has done with the Legacy Milestones fit perfectly as a picture of what would happen when parents and church partnered together and a great strategy inside me was born. I was so excited to share it with the families in my church.  We were a traditional Sunday School  model and we were not seeing the life change that we should be seeing. So after reading “Think Orange” by Reggie Joyner, we began evaluating and praying how we could develop the strategy for us. This brings me to my first reason to think orange.  It’s totally customizable for each church.  We were able to adapt the strategy to fit where we were at and to move us where we wanted to go.

We created a plan to move from traditional to Orange and it was honestly a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun and excitement. We created our timeline and began to work towards rolling out to our families. Our team bathed it in prayer and when it was time to begin our new small groups it was a burst of fresh air into our ministry.  Our small group leaders were super excited about the opportunity to pour into the lives of the children and within weeks we saw great progress. We were seeing and hearing about the life change we had dreamed about. Children and parents were growing together and our leaders were growing in their faith as well. That is my second reason for thinking Orange! Life change and spiritual growth happen together!

So if your church is not seeing life change, spiritual growth that is visible or you lack a strategy or plan for your children’s ministry check out the Orange Strategy. Go check out the Orange Conference or a local Orange tour and see for yourself.   Feel free to contact  me and I’d be happy to walk you through our process for change.

I love Orange!

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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