Kids Ministry Collective- 1 Year Anniversary!!

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, God allowed Ron Brooks ( and I to come together with a dream of bringing the children’s ministry community together to help strengthen and encourage those who serve.  Both of us had always enjoyed networking with others in kids ministry  and  that love for networking blossomed into something that only God could do.

How did we start? When the Kidmin1124 radio program, that our great friend, mentor, and all around wise guy, Wayne Stocks was hosting came to an end I was   having a chat with Wayne, he suggested that I take over the program. I told him not unless I could find someone to co-host this adventure with me and that’s when Ron and I joined forces.  Ron and I talked for a few weeks, and after praying about it felt that together we could help bring the Kid Ministry together as a collective to build it up and strengthen it.

We both had a burden for those who serve in areas where there are no networks or groups to meet with. For those who don’t have budgets to attend conferences that cost big bucks! We wanted a way to connect us together, and so the Kid Ministry Collective was born. We talked with Michael Chanley who was so amazing and gracious to help us get set up for our online radio show through his website on  

We are so grateful to all those who have come on the show with us and helped make our goal of “equipping, encouraging, and entertaining” the kids ministry community. We pray that each of our shows will be a blessing to everyone who listens live or who downloads a show later.

We dream of giving a voice to those who don’t serve in mega-churches because size is doesn’t always equal great life changing ministry. We truly believe in everyone who serves in children’s’ ministry regardless of where you serve. We want to partner with you. That’s what makes the collective strong and effective.

This year we have some really great shows planned, and we will be launching a new phase of the KMC to give a greater voice to those who are on the front lines every weekend.

We praise God for the KMC and what it has done for us personally. We are grateful for every guest, listener, and facebook friend!  If you haven’t listened yet, or joined us for a live show, we invite you to do so.  We are on the air the first and third Thursday of the month at 9PM Eastern!

How has the KMC been a blessing to you??? We’d love to know!

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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