Power of the Team- Part 1

I love college football! Yes, I love college football.  I love Saturdays in the fall when teams collide in battle and passionate fans get together to cheer them on to victory or cry with them in defeat.

As I sit watching my team struggle, I was inspired to write this post.  I’m getting ready to make a transition to a new ministry position and I’m excited.  I have pre-game jitters, well not really jitters, but as a former football player, it’s more like I can’t wait to get with my team.  I love being part of the team! Being on a team is a wonderful thing. It is where you realize that you are working on something that is bigger than anything you can do alone.

For the longest time in ministry, I took too much on myself and often times didn’t delegate to my teammates. This isn’t a winning strategy.  You must delegate! I know, I know, if you’re serving in a small church and 20% are already doing 80% of the work, it may seem impossible to delegate. But listen to me carefully,     you either will delegate or die!  OK, that may have been too extreme, but I think you get what I mean. Instead of worrying about your death maybe it’s a sign to let a program die. If no one will staff it let it go! A team wants to win and work for a win. No team wants to be on a losing streak.

If you do serve in a smaller church where volunteers are tough to come by, consider some ways you can invite others to play. Begin with prayer seeking God’s leading and then go and personally ask those on your heart to join the team. Share with them the playbook and goals, and how they are so critical to the success of the team.  Give them the ball and allow them to try it out for a while. If that is the right position for them allow them to try another. Sometimes they will see a better spot for themselves that matches their gifting.  You must remember to not give up and don’t assume they will always say no.

The power of a team is that it has a clear goal and they work together to reach that goal and win! So as you serve, get your team together and define the win, figure out your plays and go play.

Far to often we forget the power of the team.  Next post we’ll chat about another lesson you can learn from a team.


What would you suggest for a team who struggles with the 80/20 situation?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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