How to Get Men to Join the Kidmin Team


So this seems to be a burning question: How do we get more men involved in children’s ministry?  Why do guys think this is women’s work?

Well, for the longest time, we (the church) allowed it to be thought of it that way.  Women do bring their families to church. Woman run their homes. Women “seem” to have more time to be creative and have time for the children.

I think its been a lie that Satan put to the church and the church gobbled it up!  Take a look at the facilities we have are they “pink” or are they “blue?” Seriously, are they pink or blue?  Are they designed for men or women to feel comfortable in?  When it comes to children’s areas, most often they are decorated and staffed by women and the men often prefer it that way.  It’s time for that to change!!

How does it change? Start thinking BLUE!  Take a look at how you decorate your kidmin area. Would a guy want to sit around their with other guys? probably not. With all the pastel colors and smells of baby powder or worse, dirty diapers in the air? NO WAY!  If you want to get guys involved you need to make it a place where they don’t feel like they are going to have their man card revoked by walking around there.

When you recruit a guy, you have to ask him personally and you need to offer a challenge or give him an opportunity to see that he can and will make a difference and solve a huge problem by serving. Every guy wants to do something of significance. They want a goal to carry out, in other words they want to win!  Challenge them to see that to win big is to help younger boys grow up to be godly men of substance and purpose.  Challenge them by being a part of the children’s ministry they have an opportunity to impact many more generations and that in fact can have a huge impact on our world. Help them see that by them being a part of the team it will allow it to grow in greater ways and that without them and their gifts, there will be a huge hole.

I believe that men need to be asked to serve and sometimes it could be simply  to ask them to serve as “security.”  I once asked a guy to fill this role and from there he moved to a small group leader. It was when he saw these boys coming in week after week that God opened his heart to something greater.  He in fact recruited other men to be prayer warriors for the young boys he was a small group leader for.  He recruited other dads to help build a set we needed for a kids production.

Men want to serve, they really do. Just ask them to join the team and show them how they can win by being a part of it.

What have you done to get more men involved.

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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