Time to Evaluate Your Ministry

Every one knows that evaluation is vital to growing a healthy ministry.  How and when you do it is also important, not only to you but to your ministry as well.

Every year at this time, I take a few days away to evaluate.  I take time to pray and fast and seek God out for direction for the coming year. I also ask many of my leaders to take a few minutes and so some basic evaluation to help me as I work through some of the planning and goal setting for the next year.

So what areas can you evaluate? For me here are the top of the list:

1) My spiritual & physical health  I take a look at where I am in both areas as I know I need to live in a balanced way.  For the past few years I’ve not done so well in the physical areas. I am therefore setting some new goals in writing that will help me develop some new habits and a path for success in that area.  Spiritually, I am continuing to see God work in my life and grow me in many ways.  Having been through several months of transition, my faith has been stretched and I can see some new areas where I need to grow this next year.

2) My Team- How have I encouraged them this year?  How have I equipped them this year? Who has shown growth this year and could take on more leadership? How many people left the ministry team? How well did we communicate with the team? What can we do better? What methods do we need to develop?    * Each of these questions needs some thought and development.

3) Organization-  Did we communicate enough details for every event?  Which events did we need to do better on? Did we get enough people involved in the ministry? Where do we need new blood? Who could fill those slots?  Are there any processes that need refining? (Check-in; Visitors followup?)

These are just a few things to evaluate, What are some of your top areas?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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