3000 Hours!

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3000 Hours seems like a lot doesn’t it? That’s the amount of time a parent has to make a spiritual impact on their childs’ life. It goes quicker than you think!!!  As a father of 4 who range from 23-16 I can tell you it goes too fast.  I want to challenge you to consider the use of your time now before it’s too late.  Most of us are taught to make wise financial investments so that when we are ready we can retire and “enjoy” life.  So we plan, invest, and evaluate through our years so that we can make use of the limited dollars we have.

When it comes to raising our children, we should also, plan, invest, and evaluate our time with them so that we get the greatest return on the time we invest. I’m often asked, how do we do it?

First begin with the end in mind.  What kind of grown up do you want your child to be like? What do they need to value the most?  This is so important yet, most parents don’t consider this until it’s too late.  What kind of plan do you have to help your children develop godly values and attitudes? If you don’t have one, it’s not too late to do so.

I would also urge you to take advantage of the little times in life and use them to further invest in your child. Take Deuteronomy 6, seriously and look for various times throughout the day to speak spiritual truths into your child’s life so that they will begin to think biblical.  Challenge them to wrestle with their faith and work it out for themselves.

If we use the time wisely, we hope to see a return on that investment. (That’s all in God’s hands!)

How do you invest in children? pre-teens? teens?

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