The Power of a Word!

I have studied the book of Matthew one chapter a time for the past few weeks and what has struck me time and time again, during this study is the power of a word! Not just one word in particular, but the picture that is shown to us reading the scriptures.  Each encounter with Jesus people were confronted with either believing in Who Jesus is, what he could do, or trying to humanly figure things out on their own.  Every time in these early passages in Matthew, we see that the FAITH of a person in front of Jesus, resulted in him saying a powerful word(s) and the results something miraculous happened.

The POWER of a WORD!  The people who came face to face with Jesus often just said to him, “just speak or say the word and we know it will happen!”  They had faith in WHO they were talking with. They believed that he could do anything! Do I have that kind of Faith? Do I believe that strongly?

Sometimes I wonder. Do live and minister in a way that demonstrates life changing faith? When I share the Word of God with children, I want their lives to be changed.  Do I believe in the Power of THE Word?

I challenge you, How do you live? Do you live each day in the power of His Words?  Do you believe his words can change lives?

How can we help kids learn the truth of the Word and live it out?




I welcome your comments and feedback!

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