Why Should You Go to Orange 2014?

Why should you go to the Orange Conference? Why should you spend the time and the money to get there?

I’m so glad you asked me! Well a few years ago a good friend of mine who you will see volunteering again this year (Dave Truitt (aka BalloonPastor) invited me to come see what OC was all about. I had been skeptical as I figured it was put on by ReThink Group and it would be one big commercial for everything they produce.

Boy was I wrong!!! Yes, there is a lot of things about ReThink there but it was soo much more!  I found so many people there to serve! They have some of the  best volunteers at a conference that I’ve ever experienced.  It was so much fun watching people helping others.

The breakouts were practical, interactive and very enjoyable. I love it when you go to one and the speaker actually talks about what has been advertised in the brochure.

The worship!! wow! IT was amazing and powerful to me, who sometimes doesn’t get to go to “big church” as often as I’d like.  I have loved the times when the band went quiet and you hear 5,000 voices lifted in praise!! it will move even the rock solid to tears! (or at least it should!)

The networking!  I love connecting with people. I always make it a goal to find people who I’ve connected with online and make a personal face to face connection.  I have met some great people at Orange.  I love that you can get time with many of the presenters of breakouts and sit and talk over a cup of coffee (or in my case, pop)  I even skip a few breakouts, shhh! don’t tell anyone!  But yes, I skip and use the time instead, iopto get to know people who I’ve just met. I ask lots of questions to learn about what they are doing.  I tell you, go to a session and before it starts, introduce yourself to a few people it will multiply your experience a million times more!!!I am going with a goal to connect with at least 5 new people!! so if you’re coming message me: I’m on twitter: ptbump and let’s set up a time to chat!

Well I could go on and on but I’ll stop!  If you sitting on the fence, let me give you one incentive for signing up today!!

Because after Feb 20 the rates go up!!! save yourself some $$ and register today!!

Want to see what it’s all about? Check out this video:Orange Conference 2014

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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