AHA Awakening. Honesty. Action – Book Review

Kyle Idleman has written a very challenging read. Each of us is on a journey through life faced with many choices. God given choices, that we can either stop and listen to and consider or we can choose to ignore them and go on our way. But, at some point you will face a moment, a moment of AHA!

Idleman uses the story of the prodical son from Luke 15 to take the reader through the three main considerations of this book.Much like the prodigal, he challenges the reader to an awakening of heart, soul, and mind.  As the young man in the parable, “came to his senses” we too must spiritually wake up and realize where we are.

From that point on you must consider your life with some brutal honesty and denial is futile. There is a hard hitting moment while reading the book that Idelman catches every reader. It hit me hard, I read something that was challenging, He even gave the challenge and then I turned the page and BAM! (you have to read it to find out what I’m talking about.)

Finally as you face the truth it is time, like the prodigal to turn for home, to head for the Father who is waiting with open arms outstretched! But, often times we struggle with the first step and we must put the temptation to procrastinate behind us and take that fist step.  Procrastination leads us down a path where we miss the future moments God has waiting for us, so it must be overcome and I enjoyed reading on as the action steps help encourage the reader to move forward all the way.

I can say this was a great read and hard hitting.  I highly recommend you have your own AHA moment. Pick up the book! Don’t wait, go do it….. ok I’ll make it easy click the link here and buy it now! AHA: The God Moment That Changes Everything


* Disclosure: I did receive this book from the Publisher to review. I was only asked to provide my opinion for the book and received no financial compensation for my opinion. All thoughts shared are my own.

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