Moral Kids or Godly Kids?

The other day, I began to reflect on this question: Are we raising moral kids or godly kids? Is there a real difference?

I mean shouldn’t godly kids be moral and shouldn’t moral kids be godly? Then I had a chat with a 10-year-old girl at my church in preparation for baptism class. She shared with me that its hard to witness to her friend because her friend acts just like she does. She was struggling with the fact that her friend had good morals but lacked knowing Christ personally. How is she supposed to combat the fact that her friend “acts” like a “good” person? She behaves like this girl who is a child who is saved.

It got me thinking, (I know dangerous!) But are we really seeing life change in the church that takes the nice little children who are living relatively moral lives? How do we make sure we are raising more than just moral children? How can we tell the difference between the two?

As you can see I am still asking more questions than I’m giving answers. ( I do have my opinions, but would love to see if anyone reading this little piece of internet will give me comments?)

I will share this,  I shared with the girl who, just because her friend is a good person doesn’t mean she will be in heaven, I encouraged her to first begin with prayer and then find ways to prove God’s love to her friend. I encouraged her to live her life carefully and intentionally to demonstrate the changes that God does bring to a person’s life that should stand out.

So how do Christians stand out? how do we live more than just moral lives? How do we look, act, talk, live like we are truly changed by the Spirit of God?  My last question, Does the church believe anymore that we should live differently? There have been a great deal of compromises in life style choices in the last 20 years of the believers. Things that were never acceptable now seem fine as long as in moderation.  So what makes us different?

What can parents, and children’s ministries leaders do, teach, and say that will help kids live truly godly lives?


What are your thoughts?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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