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I’m in a new place of ministry and have done a lot of evaluation.  I see the normal things, volunteers need training, facilities need facelift, equipment needs updating, systems need updating and implementation. All of the usual suspects when a new leader comes to town.

Today, what’s been on my mind since I woke up at 4:45 AM. What can I do that’s NEW? What have I never tried before that I should try here? How do I break the mold of “we have always done it this way?”

My personality loves change, in fact, I probably love it too much, because I often change things even when I don’t need to because I like change. But, sometimes my “change” is doing something I did at a previous ministry, because it worked great there.  But today the nagging question is, “What haven’t I tried, that I could try now?”  What can I attempt that hasn’t been done before?  Yes, I know there is nothing NEW under the sun! BUT, should that stop me from trying to find something new?

I don’t want my children’s ministry to get stuck, I don’t want it to just do things because it always worked here before.  I want to be bold for God and I want to find ways to really impact this young generation for God.

Courtesy of  renjith krishnan
Courtesy of renjith krishnan

What is something NEW you have never done but have always wanted to try? What’s stopping you?

SHARE WITH ME!! Let’s brainstorm together!! Let’s do something NEW!



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