What’s your Parenting Goal?


Our goal in parenting is not ultimately for our kids to get a great education or to be great athletes, or to find a great spouse or get a great career. Our goal is for them to love a great God.”  David Platt  D6 Conference 2011

What is your parenting goal? Do you have one for your children? How do you want them to turn out.  As a dad, I look at my teenagers and yes, I wish I had done some things differently.  My kids are awesome and I am so thankful that I did do one thing right, They do love Jesus, personally!

But what about other important things? Did I help my children in the right ways?  The quote I started this post of is a very good one and I do agree with Platt, about the end line. “Loving God.”  But, I would also like to submit that we should also make it our goal to help our children love God’s word!

How can children really learn to love God without loving his word? We would agree,  (I hope) that Faith only comes by hearing the Word and so for our children to truly love God they also need to have a love for his word too.

How do we help our children love God’s word?  First, you must model that love for the word yourself!What is your reading habit like? How often do you share what God is teaching you with your children? and can they see the Word changing you from the inside out?

I want my children to be more than just lovers of God I want them to love his Word!

A second way to help your children to love God’s word is to make it a central part of everyday life. As Deut. 6 challenges us to “Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”  So make referring to God’s word a part of daily life. When making decisions, ask your children to consider what God says before making that decision. Spend some time in prayer, praying scripture back to God with your children to help them see just how important it is and how practical it can be.

What’s your goal? just someone who loves God or someone who loves his Word and obeys it because they love him so much?


I welcome your comments and feedback!

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