Are You Leading Small? IT’s ORANGE WEEK!!

Lead Small

I’m a firm believer in this concept, Life is better done in circles, than in rows! (sorry if you said this, I can’t remember where I heard it before) It’s true.  as you circle up with a few kids and begin to do life with them, something amazing begins to happen. You begin to see how God uses you to help these few, move towards a vibrant and exciting life with Jesus.  I don’t know about you but helping people take their next steps towards Jesus rocks my socks!!

So are you leading small? Do you use small groups in your church?  Maybe you are a small church leader and it’s just you, one other leader and a few kids. Then you have a small group, start leading small! If you have more kids, start breaking them into smaller groups and start doing life together, even if it’s only for a few minutes each week.

As a leader, I have worked with my small group leaders to learn how we can create a small group culture in our church and together we are currently studying a great book called, you guessed it. Lead Small! It’s by Reggie Joiner, Tom Shefchunas and they did an amazing job of helping small group leaders learn how to improve their weekly ministry to their “few.”

If you haven’t read this book, I HIGHLY, recommend you do.  Then I’d recommend you check out a great tool that is just going to be an invaluable tool for those leading the small group leaders and for those who want to inspire and encourage parents.

The ReThink group allowed me a test run of the new resource called GO Weekly!

This new tool, has been really great for me while I was testing it.  I loved that I can now customize my small group leaders guides. So as I look over the weekly small group plan, I can adjust and edit the items that will work for us and our few.  I want our leaders to have the best experience possible and with this tool, I can help make that happen.

Go Weekly, allows you to edit, add to, and insert all the information your leaders need each week to minister.  You can set it up to work with your service flow and the age groups that you use. It also allows you feed your SGL’s podcasts, videos, and blogs that would help encourage and equip them.

Here is a video that  Check it out and learn more.

If you have any questions about it, I’d be happy to try to answer them!

I urge you to Lead Small, a child’s life will be different if you do!

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I welcome your comments and feedback!

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