Piles to Files 3- How to Task & Time Management


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Image courtesy of photostock

Ever wonder if you could get more hours in a day? Ever feel like you do your best work just before vacation? And why is it that a football team can do nothing for 12 minutes and then in 2 minutes drive the ball 90 yards for the game winning touchdown????

 I often struggled with getting things done and I’ve wished that someone could rescue my calendar! I’ve read, “Getting Things Done” and said, Yeah Right!  I’ve read so many other “time management” books and said, Yeah Right! These were written for people who think in lists, who think in mini details.  I’m a big picture person. I see big rocks to jump on….. I know there are little rocks between these big rocks but come on it’s the BIG ONES that are important right???


It’s the little ones that so many in your ministry will focus on and then say, “See, I told you he was disorganized!!”

So how do you change it? How do you manage your time?

For me the light turned on when I read, “Beat the Clock” by Jim Wideman beattheclock[1]

Here are some of my top takeaway’s and what I use to manage my time now:

1) Don’t be busy, Be focused!- I often found myself busy, but I would get sidetracked very easily. Today by planning my day out early. I begin to manage my time.

2) Order + Organization = management When you create an order of what you want to get done, you feel more organized. That feeling allows you to run of function by getting things done in order of priority.  If you take a few minutes every day to decide what really must be done today, and then prioritize it. Give it a set amount of time to work on and complete it. You are now managing your time instead of your time managing you!

3) What you don’t manage you lose!- If I don’t control my time, it will get away from me and I won’t finish what I need to.  Instead of doing something great, I only accomplish something good.  I want to make sure I don’t waste the time God has given me to worship him with my time, talents, and treasure.

I began to take these ideas and work on them. I set up reminders on my calendar.  I use a timer to help me focus on one task at a time.

I will also confess some days I slip and don’t plan as well as I should, and I do regret those days.  It also helps to have someone to hold you accountable! I have a friend who messages me almost every week to ask me how I’ve done with my planning and time management! It is a great help!


So what steps are you taking to manage your time?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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