Piles to Files Part 2- Priorities

I’ve been inspired to share to share some of the lessons I’ve worked hard to carry out after completing Infuse8 a leadership mentoring program offered by Jim Wideman.

The 6 months of calls, forums, personal interaction did amazing things for me.  One of the lessons I learned to help me move from someone was functioning in a disorganized way to now functioning with intention.

“Don’t Mistake Activity for Making Progress”- J.W.

One of the first challenges that Bro. Jim, challenged us with was our priorities. That was huge. For me I don’t think I ever fully sat down and listed on paper my priorities in life.  Yes, If you asked I could list of the natural answers. God, wife, kids, etc. etc.

But He challenged us to really look at our calendars, our time logs, and evaluate. Ask the question: Does my time show my priorities? Am I wasting time in areas that are not a high priority? What needs to be taken of the calendar or to-do list? What needs to be added?

Another great question to ask yourself is, “who holds you accountable for keeping your life in priority?”

As I began to analyze my priorities, I could see that how I spent my time was not adding up to what I said was top priorities.

So How Do You Get Realigned?

1) Sit down and make a list of your priorities Ask God to confirm these things to you.

2) Share this list with your spouse or someone you really trust to tell you the truth if they are not correct.

3) Regularly evaluate this list.

4) Maintain a way to track your time so you can really evaluate!

Yes, these steps are simple, but if you honestly before God evaluate them, its not as simple as you think.  Taking that step to realign yourself to godly priorities and then living by them allows you to say yes to great things and NO! to things that don’t line up.


In my next post, I’m going to share about how I’ve improved in my time-task management. A big deal for someone like me.

What do you do to keep your priorities in order? How do you evaluate/measure this?


I welcome your comments and feedback!

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