Volunteer Problems?

Courtesy of  renjith krishnan
Courtesy of renjith krishnan

Are you having Volunteer problems? Can’t find that ONE or TWENTY! that you need?  I couldn’t help but notice recently that at one conference alone, there were at least 12 breakout sessions all about recruiting volunteers. I’ve seen countless emails and ads, promising to help me with 3, 5, or 10 easy steps to having an amazing volunteer team.

It got me thinking…. Why is volunteering in children’s ministry such a hot topic?

You may not like or even agree with my answer but I’m going to share my opinion. It’s my blog, right? LOL!

I think a large reason we all struggle with finding volunteers is… wait for it…. a lack of real disciples in the church!

Yep, I said it.  Think about it. Jesus left us with one command, “Therefore go and make disciples of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am will you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20 NIV

When we are truly making disciples, the outcome will be those who function like Jesus.  Jesus valued children (Matt. 18, Mark 9) He served his disciples, even washing their feet! He did life together with them so that they could see how to Love God and to Love Others. Disciples live life-giving of themselves the way Jesus modeled.

The church of today has very little new convert growth and when it does, it often fails to truly disciple those new believers and to help them establish the same pattern of life that Jesus modeled. If we can turn this around, I believe we as a Church, need to be far more intentional at helping young believers to realize that serving others is a vital part of their growth. I would even offer, in my humble opinion, it’s a huge catalyst for growth spiritually.

If we want to solve the volunteer problem in our church, take a look at how your leading people in growth. How are you helping people take their next step with Christ. Are you leading them to Jesus and then letting them figure out the rest? Are they to get it through osmosis?

Let’s as leaders solve our volunteer problem, by taking the steps prescribed in the Word and make disciple’s who know that serving the body is part of what they do as followers of Jesus.

Please don’t take this as I’m criticize the church, I’m not. I’ve just come to see that many times people don’t believe they need to serve or have an attitude of not wanting to serve, because no one has ever taught them.  We can do better! We can change the flow.

I am as a children’s pastor, working hard to help train a generation that it’s awesome to serve and God loves it when we worship him through serving.

What do you think, am I really far off base?


I welcome your comments and feedback!

1 thought on “Volunteer Problems?”

  1. Great post, my friend. I think we could make a huge difference if we, as leaders, made sure we had a group of people that we were discipling. From there we need to encourage our team members to do the same. This could change how we recruit and keep volunteers. Not to mention the impact it would have on the lives of the disciples and the disciplers, and the church.

    Matt N.

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