Why You Shouldn’t Attend OC15 With Your Team!

Yep, I said it, You shouldn’t take a team to OC15 because:

1) They will experience amazing times of learning and skill building

2) Your team will meet thousands of other people who love serving the Kingdom!

3) They will be exposed to new ideas (we all know that is dangerous!)

4) They will laugh, cry, sing, and get a bit crazy!!

5) They will be challenged to return home a tighter more focused team for God!

Now, who wants those kind of things to happen to their team??? …..


I DO!!

I took a team a few years ago and it was an amazing time of bonding and helping them see a greater vision of what could be in our children’s and family ministry. The fact that Orange Conference offers so many things for the entire church is a powerful selling point to me as it has become even more costly to attend conferences today.

For my dollar, OC, has been well worth it! I love how from the very time you set foot at the Gwinnet Center, you are welcomed and encouraged. The music is pumping, people are smiling and laughing. They are well-organized and ready to go to help get your time off to a fantastic experience.

If you are considering a conference to equip, encourage and inspire, I highly recommend OC15

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4 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Attend OC15 With Your Team!”

  1. Kathy
    Comment: This past Tuesday, our family ministry team traveled to Lancaster, PA for Orange’s one day tour. It was great to ride up and back with them (we laughed A LOT!) and was able to split up and take different breakouts. It was a good move in the right direction to continue to unify our team.

  2. Bonnie Deroski

    Comment: Would love to be able to take a team to a conference. Would help us to all get on the same page. The conversations and brainstorming as a result would impact our ministry in a significantly positive way.

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