How’s Your Insula?

I have studied two books recently, both by the same author Brian Haynes. His books Shift and The Legacy Path have been monumental in forming my family ministry paradigm. As I was reading this morning his chapter from Legacy Path (ch.7 Church+Home) It really rattled my cage!

Brian expounds the context behind the reference to “Woe to you Chorazin” found in Luke 10:13.  in this passage he explains what Paul understood about this place. They had insula’s. What is an insula? This is how Brian puts it.

The idea of an insula community is simple. Insula is a large rectangular courtyard surrounded on each side by small dwellings that look a lot like rooms. The rooms open into the courtyard providing a natural gathering place for play, conversation and community (emphasis mine) Legacy Path pg. 100

The insula was a place of community. So it begs the question, “how are our communities doing?” Are we providing the best environment to encourage community building?

The people in our culture value individualism more highly than community. Yet God gives us the gift of the local church providing us the insula we need as we walk the legacy path. pg. 100

So the Church should be a place of insula, but are we? Does our environment and “programming” encourage it?

My current environment, to be honest, feels more like a school than a place to where families do life together.  It needs some work. I also consider the schedule of the way we do Sunday mornings and ask, “Am I doing enough to create a place, where my small group leaders can create an insula for their few?”

Why is this so important? Read Acts 2:42-47 then look what happens after that! When insula happens, God does amazing things inside them and through them.

So how’s your insula?   What are you doing to create a place where life happens together and people take their next steps with Jesus?

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