A Free Conference!

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Would you like to attend a conference for free? If your budget is tight or non-existent, and you are not able to attend one of the other major conferences this year, let me invite you to take a opportunity to pray about attending CM Conference! Michael Chanley the Creator of CM Connect and the founder of the CM Conference is making you an offer you shouldn’t refuse! If you can afford to come by all means let someone else take advantage of this incredible offer! Let’s all do our part to help those who have a real need attend!

Here’s the details!



Last week we sent out an email to let everyone know our early rates had been extended until the end of the year. Now, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we have been able to create a code to permit a limited number of people to join us for free. Yep, while supplies last, absolutely 100% of registration costs will be covered!
Free! Free! FREE! Merry Christmas!!!
The challenge I would like to present to YOU is simple:
Will you help us get these free registrations 
to the right people? 
We want this blessing to go to serve churches in need. It’s not an unlimited offer; so, please, if your church will cover your expenses then we ask you to not use this limited code. If you can’t afford to cover your own travel and lodging, please let someone else take advantage of this opportunity. However, if your church is going through a hard season, your budget has been exhausted or you are under-resourced, this is definitely for you… just act quickly before the free passes are all gone!
Send this message to someone in ministry who might not otherwise be able to get training. Let’s play this blessing forward and, together, serve more churches!
Pray about it… make sure you can be there… then, use this registration code: MATT_TEN8B to get in free… oh… and please let someone else know!
Thanks and Merry Christmas!
Michael Chanley
Executive Director and President of CMConnect Global
Founder of CMConnect

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