CM Conference Preview!


I just had an amazing conversation that has me so excited about this upcoming conference and I had to share it!

Michael Chanley the founder of CM Connect shared with me his vision for this amazing conference and wow! There are many, options out there as far as conferences go but CM Conference has a different heartbeat then most of them.

What make’s it so different? The focus! This conference is designed for those who serve in Kidmin in any size church. It’s not a mega church conference, It’s not set up by a publisher or curriculum provider.  CM Conference is designed with the attendee in mind. It’s affordable and when you register Chanley and his team have designed a way for you to pay it forward to someone else. When you register, you enable someone who cannot usually afford to attend a ticket too!  That is something no other conference has done.

In fact, I heard Michael loud and clear today, He wants anyone who is in Kidmin who desires to be challenged, and encouraged to attend and if you need help, He wants you to let him know!  He has a huge heart for those of us who serve in Kidmin and I am so honored to have him as a friend.

This conference has some great speakers and is going to offer some great breakouts!  In fact, when you register, you’ll be asked to share your “One Thing” that is your greatest need?  Then They will offer many answers to your questions. What conference does that? Most tell you what you need or what you should have, but CM Conference is going to be different and I’m excited.  Be watching my blog for some super exciting Announcements coming in January!!  If you’re planning on attending or need help getting there, let me know or contact Michael directly.  You can find a link to the Conference details here.

What’s your ONE Greatest Need in your Kidmin?


I welcome your comments and feedback!

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