Look Back to Look Forward!


Are You Wondering What’s Ahead in 2015?

As I wrap up 2014, I have much to be grateful for, and as I look forward to 2015 I have much to be excited about.  I made many changes in 2014. A new ministry position, a new home, a new lead pastor.  I also made some changes personally that would ultimately benefit professionally.

I was offered a great opportunity to be a part of Infuse8.  Infuse is a 6 month leadership mentoring program where myself along with some other Kidmin leaders came together under the wing of Jim Wideman.  I was inspired to get into this program after tasting what coaching was like with my awesome friend Karl Bastian.  Having this chance come my way to do Infuse8 I couldn’t miss something God had placed in my path.  I took the step forward and it changed so many things.

First, it changed how I saw myself. For many years I felt very inadequate as a leader. I had been told many times by some of those I worked with that I was not a good leader, that I was not a high-capacity leader, that I would never be one.  I believed it.

I let myself go, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. I needed to change and during my time this past year. God really convicted me of my condition. How could I serve the King, when I wasn’t in the right place in all these areas.

This was me not too long ago.  My path was filled with all sorIMG_6205ts of messy things and I can now see it physically on me. I was carrying all of this emotional baggage around my waist.

It was time to change for good.  I was challenged during Infuse8 to write 3 things that needed work. Next, I wrote down how I would change that direction, (3 more steps)  Then, who would hold me accountable and when would I meet my goals of accomplishing these changes. Top on my list: Lose Weight!  When I returned home, I sat down and had a heart to heart talk with my wife. I confessed that I had not been faithful in keeping myself in the best condition for her, for my God and for my family and that I promised that I would change.  Long story short, I took the necessary steps to begin a program of eating healthy, starting to exercise more and to make sure that I had healthy boundaries.

Now I’m IMG_2422 down almost 60 pounds and I’m in a much healthier place. I serve in an amazing church with an amazing leadership team!! I praise God for what he’s doing in my life and in my ministry. We have seen as we look back over the past year how God provided so many blessings. Selling our home in PA, finding a temporary house to stay in and within 2 weeks of our deadline to move out of that temp home, selling our PA home and buying a new place here in Ohio.  My wife’s job opening coming at exactly the right time with the extra blessing this year of her becoming a supervisor.

I praise God for the many people in ministry that God has allowed me to connect and network with. What a true joy each of you are to me and my life.  You truly are Iron, sharpening Iron to me!

I praise my Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ, who blesses way more than I deserve.

What am I looking forward to in 2015?


*Continue to lose weight, eat healthy, and work out regularly.

* To dig deeper into the Word and dream bigger than I ever have.

*To try 5 new things that I’ve never done before. (Not sure what, yet, stay tuned!)

* Take my wife on 12 Creative Dates! and renew my commitment to date her in some form every week.

* To challenge my children in their relationship with Christ and to encourage them to grow deeper.


* Developing my leadership skills more by continuing in Infuse+ and working on the Kidology Kidmin Pro team

* Reading at least 12 Leadership books by the end of 2015 and tracking notes with each one.

* Developing my blog to reach and help more in Kidmin. To also develop and expand the Kids Ministry Collective Radio show and Facebook, CM Connect groups to further connect and build the Kingdom.

* Developing a family discipleship roadmap to lead our ministry families through

*Developing a plan to train new leaders in Kidmin/ Make a connection with one Bible College that I can develop a mentoring relationship with Children’s Ministry students.

*Developing a greater local outreach connection in our community.

These are just a few things that I’ll be working on in 2015, What are you looking forward to?

I welcome your comments and feedback!

6 thoughts on “Look Back to Look Forward!”

  1. Tom…I’m glad you’ve been called to our community. Hopeful we’ll start to see some of the fruits of your ministry adventures in 2015!

  2. Lofty goals. But you sure did a great job in 2014, And you look 20 years younger with your weight loss. Need your secret! God Bless You and Yours. Still praying for you regularly.

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