Children’s Pastors Conference 15 Review


What I loved about CPC15

I’ve been to several CPC’s in the past and what I love about this one were the continued opportunities to connect with those who are passionate about Children’s ministry. I love connecting with people. From hanging out in the resource area, to the meal times where we could sit at tables and have good conversation.

As usual from the check-in process you are greeted by great people who are there to serve. I’ll be honest, I was praying this hadn’t changed with the change in leadership. One thing I greatly respected about former INCM Director, Michael Chanley was his passion to serve others.  Thankfully that didn’t change and pray it doesn’t.  (I don’t think it will)

The General sessions were well done with some good worship music to draw us in as well as some fun.

I love the passion shared by the speakers. Matt Guevara, the new INCM Director, did a great job leading off, setting a great tone for the conference.  Each one after that built upon the other and it was a celebration of the past, present, and future of ministry to children.

Breakout after Breakout

This year the offerings were still of great quality and most breakouts times had plenty to offer. Having the breakouts set up in “Tracks” was very helpful as well as having a topical listing.  It would have been helpful to have an App for the conference to make it easier to follow but the conference manual contained all the details you needed.

The Convention center had a nice set up with the breakouts being located pretty close together so if you needed to switch breakouts, you didn’t have to hike a long way.

Location, Location, Location!

While Chattanooga was not my first choice for where I’d place a convention in January it was a nice place. The convention center is easy to get to and it’s an easy place to either drive or fly to.  The convention center itself had decent wifi and their service was very good.

Resource Center

One of the highlights of CPC is being able to see and touch all the latest and greatest resources for ministry to children and their families. One of the neatest displays was the one by Living Like Lucy Ministry, which was founded by Josh Baker.  Josh’s display changed every single day with real props from the Chronicles of Narnia series of movies. The display was truly amazing as you can see from a few shots below.

These are just a few of the items that Josh brought with him. He has a traveling show that can come to your church and I would encourage my readers to considering bringing Narnia to your church for an amazing experience that not only dives deeper into the great stories but how it parallels the wonderful gospel message.

There were many other great resource providers, ministries and publishers. From Kidology to KidzmatterD6 to Jumpstart3, the providers were informative and fun to talk to.  I also have to give a shout out to the The Amazing Chemistry Show and Josh Denhart who made my experience an extra amazing experience! (I’ll share the reason in a future post)

Final Observations:

I love attending CPC! I would have loved to see more resources. I couldn’t help but notice that it was a smaller resource center than in the past. I did not ask about why this was but it was noticeable by many in attendance.  I also noticed that the publishers were not promoting like they had done in the past. In earlier CPC’s the publishers added a great deal to the excitement of the resource center by their great displays, and having a fun push for their VBS materials or other new resources. This year that was missing and it seemed subdued.

I also notice many providers didn’t have as many products to buy so after one or two trips through the  area there wasn’t as much of a reason to spend time there.

My final thought was location and attendance. Chattanooga isn’t known as a vacation destination and when in Orlando or Nashville, many came to CPC with family and took a few extra days to get away from the stress of ministry. Chattanooga didn’t seem draw that. I believe attendance was a bit lower but that is only my observation.

All in all it was a great experience, a great conference, where my heart was challenged, encouraged, and my head was filled with information and practical ideas that I can bring back to my ministry some of the best of the best to implement and build a wonderful ministry to children. If you have the opportunity to go to CPC16 you should! In fact, don’t miss the opportunity to get a ticket for next year for only $199 for a limited time!

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