CPC Notes- Aaron Reynolds

These are my raw notes from the General Session: Please know these have not been proofed or edited. 🙂

Presenter: Aaron Reynolds
Topic:  TEACHING-  Celebrating God’s  Story
What pops into your head when you hear Teaching: Homework, sharing, boring, school. lesson, lecture. These are our associations with this word, but this is a huge part of what we in Kidmin do.
 We often miss the life transformation in the story because we are focusing on the wrong things of the story.
What if we taught in a way that made them care about the life change in the Story? What if we blow their minds that if they grab the truth it will change their life?  That’s the way Jesus taught.
Jesus didn’t just talk, he made stuff happen.
When Jesus calmed the seas, it was him teaching. He made it unforgettable. – What if we taught like that? What if we made our lessons unforgettable.
What if we did the kind of relationship teaching that changes everything with a child?
RE-define- Teaching- “Making stuff happen so God’s story is unforgettable” Doing deep relationships so that God’s stuff is unforgettable.
Head knowledge is important but don’t stop at biblical literacy, push to heart knowledge. Help them experience Truth.
God’s story is real, it’s not just a chronology. It’s real life.
Sometimes our familiarity with God’s word is our own detriment.  We need to be wonderstruck by it.
What if we taught in a way that make the kids say wow!, not because of the tech we use or props, but the teaching itself made stuff happen that they would truly experience Gods story. to say It changes everything.
Don’t forget Gods story is still going on! We are players in it.
What could be written about God’s story in us?
God still makes stuff happen !  He still pursues and chases after us.
You are also the pulse who has been given the opportunity to share Gods’ living story.
I need to stop and be blown away by God’s story first, so that I teach it to the kids that way.

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