Boxing, Kidmin & Shaping Up


What does Boxing have to do with Kidmin? Leadership? and Shaping Oneself Up?


I shared a while a go about my journey to get into better physical shape and so along with choosing to eat better, I’ve now taken up working out with a boxer. Morris Eason, has an amazing story. More of which I’ll share in another post. Morris saw me at church and after talking with me offered me a chance of a lifetime,to train with him. He would help me take my journey to another level.

We all need help, as a kidmin leader, I’m so grateful to people like Karl Bastian, Jim Wideman, Matt Norman, Wayne Stocks, Bill Gunter, Doug Olson, and so many others forgive me for not mentioning you, (it doesn’t mean you’re not important to me, you  are!)  There have been many leaders like these who have spoken words of wisdom and truth into my life and they have made me a better leader. They give me higher standards to push towards.

Training with Morris has pushed me to higher standards too. My workouts have pushed my physical limits and tested my willpower to improve myself. As I get up at 5:15 a.m.  every morning to begin my workout at 5:30.  I get to the gym and we always begin and end every workout with prayer. Morris is an inspiration to be strong and courageous. As leaders in ministry, as a father, we need to lead well and to do that we must set high standards.



It start’s with a solid foundation and understanding. A boxers power comes from his foundation. If his foundation is weak and not balanced, he can get pushed over easily.

What your core principles? What are your goals?

Kidmin: If you lead a ministry, what are your goals for the children and their families?  How will you disciple the children and disciple their parents to carry it on through the week?

Leadership: As a leader, who is mentoring you? There are many out in the kidmin world who are young and inexperienced and yet, call themselves, consultants, trainers etc. and yet with a closer look they haven’t been trained or mentored themselves.  So Leader, I would urge you to find someone to speak into you. To challenge you to be an even greater leader.

Personally: How are you doing physically? Are you taking care of yourself? How often to do take a sabbath? How are you doing eating (fueling your body?)  Please, take care of yourself! As someone who was so other focused that I didn’t. I won’t make that mistake again.

Stay tuned for more lessons from the boxing ring!

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