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Me and My Trainer!

Lessons From the Boxer

My health journey began on an Infuse8 retreat, where I finally made the “stake in the sand” moment. I determined that I would get healthy as a leader. I’m not just talking about physical health either.  Yes, that was one of my major goals but I want to reach more children with the gospel.  I want to help more parents become passionate about discipling their children, and I want to equip as many leaders as I can to do what I love to do.

In my last post, I shared how I’ve learned that a boxer’s foundation is so important. You can only get so much power from your arms as you punch. The real power comes from a solid and balanced foundation so that you put your whole body into it.

As I live my life I must start in balance. I must know my purpose, goals and priorities.  As I live by them I become healthier in everything I do.

Endurance and Perseverance!

These next two things are huge in life and leadership. When I entered into ministry I was sprinting! I was moving as fast and as furious as I could go. I was over booking myself, never saying no to any opportunity that came my way. I had to learn endurance!

When I train with Morris, we start the morning on “the step.”step1 We do several “rounds” without weights and with weights. We keep everything moving so that we can build up endurance. But we also make sure we stop to stretch, get some water, and to understand why we do what we do. He gives words of instruction, laced with personal illustrations of how a boxer must learn to pace themselves and stay in control of his own breathing.

As a Leader, a parent, a children’s worker, we too must learn to control our pace of life. As you reflect on your week, have you taken time to control your time?  If you’re a parent reading this, is your family’s pace of life exhausting you? Maybe you need to hit pause and stop stepping up and down like crazy. Maybe it’s time to learn what a healthy pace should be for you and your family. This requires some real determination, like for me getting up at 5:30am!! But it’s so worth it!

Perseverance, is something God values in us, as we must persevere in our faith and endure the trials of this life. With boxing, a boxer must persevere through hours and hours of training, before they are ready for the big fight. We too, must train, learn, be tested and push through challenges so that when the “big fight” comes, we are ready for the battle.

So, how have you learned to persevere? What are you doing to maintain a steady pace of life or ministry?

being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience….

The Holy Bible: New International Version (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1984), Col 1:11.

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