CMCONNECT Conf. is for REAL!


It Can’t be done!….. You Can’t Compete with the Big Ones!…Why another one?

This brand new Children’ Ministry conference in my books has become a must attend for me and my team in 2016!  Michael Chanley and his CMConnect Global team really did an amazing job for the this brand new conference.

Most thought it couldn’t be done. Many would say you can’t compete with the larger conferences who have the backing of a publishing company or an international network. But CMConnect did! and it was amazing!

Why another conference? because there really is a need to have something with the focus this one has. I’m not saying the other big conferences don’t do things well but having a very narrow focus enables CMConference to meet many need and to help define, focus and launch many people to go back to their respective ministries with a laser like focus.


CONNECT-  CMConference was all about making connections and it was intentionally programmed into their schedule to allow participants time at lunch, dinner and even after the general sessions at the “after-party” to connect with others. I had many great conversations with people and was blessed by so many!


SERVE- CMConference challenged us to have a heart for serving the body of Christ both here and around the world. We in the body of Christ talk a great deal about serving the our world but that often stops at giving. The conference challenged us to go beyond that and to truly take care and serve the body of Christ not just the U.S.A.


rhino-iconADVANCE- Why the Rhino?  I so loved this picture. The church is to be like a Rhino, always advancing forward. Chanley shared his heart so openly and authentically that it blessed us all. The desire to have CMConnect Global be a ministry that pushes the church forward by providing resources, tools, trainings, etc. This way the church moves forward advancing the Kingdom.  Much of the church today is not advancing it’s standing still.  We were challenged that its time for us to be like a Rhino on a skateboard, which would be unstoppable!

So for this freshman conference, I would say from start to finish it was a complete success. I found those who served did so with amazing love for those who attended. The breakouts were practical and focused, which made them very challenging to those of us in attendance. I came away with some great ideas to carry out and some challenges to the way I’ve done ministry. I say high standards and really nice small touches.

Next year the Conference will be March 28-31- 2016  and until May 1 it’s only $59!! I’m planning to be back and possibly speaking next year in a breakout or two.  I would urge you to get this on your calendar and get your tickets purchased in advance!

** I’ve shared my conference notes in Evernote**

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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