Orange Conference ’15 Expectations!

OC15: There’s An App For That

I'm so excited for the Orange Conference starting on Wednesday morning witih the YouLead day!

YouLead day is not the preconference day filled with some great breakout options. This year I'm bringing my Lead Pastor and a couple of key volunteers. ( I wished more were able to come but, I'm super grateful for these couple of guys.)

I'm lookin forward to several things for this year's conference.

1) Connecting my Lead Pastor to other's in that role so that he too can gain a greater vision for our strategy.

2) Connecting my volunteers to others who serve like they do, so they too can embrace a greater vision.

3) For God to enlarge my vision for all “phases” of ministry so that I can lead in a greater way to build the kingdom of God.

What do I expect from this year's conference?

Excellence- one thing I've learned about Orange Conference is that everything they do is filled with excellence!


High Energy- From the opening song to the closing song and everything in between will be done with high energy! The volunteers who serve, welcome you with high fives and smiles, the music will be pumped up and the energy level will create a great atmosphere to learn, worship, and connect with others.


New Ideas- Every OC, I come back with several ideas that I can use with my team to inspire, encourage, and equip them with. Some of these ideas come from breakout speakers, but often they come in conversations I have with people standing in line, waiting for a breakout to start or over a meal.


Refreshment- I always come back from OC, physically tired, but spiritually filled up and refreshed!


I'm looking foward to hearing from God, learning from others, and spending time with my pastor and team members! Can't wait to see the new Phase, God leads us to!


What are you looking forward to at Orange Conference 2015?


I welcome your comments and feedback!

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