Reflections from YouLead & OC15 Opening!

Wow what a Day….

Today kicked off Orange Conference 2015 and it was quite a day! This year I was super excited, as I was able to bring my Lead Pastor and two of my volunteer team to join me at OC.  We decided to take in the YouLead day and begin our conference experience.

Here are some take-ways and below are the raw (unedited) notes from my Evernote notebook.

First Breakout was with Mike Clear and was on Making a Strategy to improve the Elementary Strategy!

My main take-aways were these:

Ultimately it is the effectiveness of your strategy, not the scope of your mission, that determines success.
 A few tips to improve this strategy that my team will need to work through are the following:
1) We need to synchronize more often and more effectively.
2) We need to have more consistent meetings He used a great illustration about tires separating after 3,000 miles. If you don’t rotate the tires and re-align them they will separate. ( I don’t want my team to separate or lose the vision or strategy.
3)Establish clear wins-This needs to be to the point of they can re-state them for others.
*I’ll stop with those:
Second Breakout- Adam Duckworth & Sue Miller – 7 Quirks of Incredible Volunteers!
Wow! You must get their book! (I am!)  This is a book for volunteers and is filled with wisdom from Adam and Sue that would not only urge your volunteers but also speaks truth to their hearts and will help you align them with your leaders heart.
One of the most powerful take-away was when Adam pulled out the “Scrub Daddy”
Did you know that SMALL is BIG?  Not normal volunteers believe the smallest things they do have the biggest results!
This was so great!
The second powerful thought was a challenge to move our volunteers teams from being “renters” to “owners.”  Renters don’t embrace the vision, don’t show up on time, don’t prepare in advance. Owners, run with the vision, show up early, and prepare and think about how this lesson will impact their few.
Jim Wideman shared some great volunteer recruitment strategies and you can get his notes on ( I’d highly recommend you download them)
My number one take-away from Jim, Become a lifestyle recruiter Know how many you’re looking for, what gifts they need, spiritual qualities it requires and begin praying!
Finally, was the first General Session- As usual the folks at Orange, really know how to make everything special. From the background lighting, to the opening production  was quality. Their worship team Rocked the house with awesome songs of praise!
Reggie Joiner took the stage and in usual style shared his heart about the Phases of a kids life and just how important they are.  (see my Evernote notes for details.
The rest of the night of Jim Burns, John Acuff were fantastic and filled with challenge and a lot of laughter!
It was an amazing first night! Can’t wait to see what God does for Day 2!!Reggie Joiner
See my Evernote notebook:

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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