Great Quotes from Orange Conf. 2015 #Orangeleaders

It's Just A Phase- Don't Miss It!

There were many great quotes that truly resonated with my heart and so I wanted to share a few.

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Ultimately it is the effectiveness of your strategy, not the scope of your mission, that determines success.- Mike Clear

Small is BIG- Not normal volunteers believe teh smallest things they do have the biggest results.- Sue Miller & Adam Duckworth

Success is any area is about understanding the process.. It's a process not a pill.- Jim Wideman

Every kid at every phase needs needs to be reminded that they are made to create, made to learn, made to dance, because they are made in the image of God!- Reggie Joiner

If we are going to be effective, we need to be part of a group of people who help people see what's coming- Reggie Joiner

The issues don't define kids, LOVE Does!- Jim Burns

We don't get to write the whole song in the life of kid, we get just one vers- Jon Acuff

Be brave enough to run into someone else's story. – Jon Acuff

God uses the broken heart of a leader- Andy Stanley

Don''t change the channel its never too late for God to use your broken heart- Andy Stanley

Many years from now what would you like people to line up and thank you for?- Andy Stanley

Who are you? What breaks your heart?- Andy Stanley

As long as we have relationship, we have influence, As long as we have relationship we are being influenced.- Kara Powell

The problem in the church is when we go from anointing to pedigree.- Perry Noble

Sin loves our students, we cannot let sin out love us- Perry Noble

We don't reach the next generation, we raise up the next generation to reach a generation.-Perry Noble

My Music+My Preferences+My Style of services=My Churches funeral- Perry Noble

My greatest ministry gows out of necessity for a relationshipwith God.- Jud Wilhite

You are the sum total of who God says you are- Jud Wilhite.


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